About us

Our team consists of experienced associates, each with many years of experience in their areas of expertise.

➟ Personalized service, integrity and the personal and corporate responsibility with which we treat each case individually are our core values.

➟ The relationship of trust is earned through the daily struggle to defend our client’s interests, achieve their goals and maximize their legal protection.

➟ Our legal work is infused with the spirit of the law, aligned not only with the interests of today but with investing in a better tomorrow for each of our clients.

➟ In a competitive international environment, only excellence and perfection can prevail. This is what the times demand and this is what every customer entering our premises will have.

✓ We ensure that our specialized network of partners in Greece and abroad share the same values and principles.

✓ The constant effort to find new ideas to serve our clients in combination with the correct perception of reality leads to the different vision and approach from our office which demonstrates us as pioneers of our generation.

✓ We strive for continuous training and specialization of all our associates so that we are always up to date for every need.