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The inflationary trends of the economy, the interest rate policies of the Banks, as they are shaped in the international transaction grid, the need for low-risk investments with high expected benefits, with the simultaneous need for all of us to break the bureaucratic barriers to travel and stay in Greece and free movement in the Schengen countries, find their solution today in the golden visa programme. golden visa.

The golden visa programme provides an immediate way out of everyday life, your stay in Greece and free movement in Schengen countries, fully guaranteeing your rights to safe passage, always with the solvency offered not only by Greece but also by the European Union as a whole.

Through the golden visa program you ensure your 5-year stay in Greece, which is renewed each time for an equal period and you enjoy the fruits of your investment. Our office and our specialized partners are here to offer you all the solutions, so that you can immediately and guaranteed ensure your access and stay in Greece and free movement in Schengen countries.

Our many years of experience, our network of partners, our deepest belief in the law and our personalized service are our helpers so that you can enjoy your stay with your family without any problems and for sure.

Real Estate investors

The residence permit for real estate owners concerns citizens of a third country.

Real estate investors

Immaterial Investments

Greece proceeded to expand the Intangible Investments program.

Immaterial Investments