Labour law is an autonomous branch of law and a category of private law.

The main subject matter of labour law is the relationship of dependent work and in particular the relationships and dynamics that develop between the employee and the employer, with the exception of course of the provision of independent work and the relationships of civil servants.

It should be noted at this point the necessity of the presence of an employment lawyer in your company, who with his specialized knowledge and constant monitoring of the dense legislation and published case law, will guide you in providing expert advice and shield your business from any risk.

The categories in which we provide you with high level specialist knowledge are the following :

  1. Formulation of your company’s overall labour policy (labour policy) and its harmonization with the applicable legal provisions (full legal compliance).
  2. Reviewing all employment contracts and redrafting them where necessary (contract redrafting)
  3. Labour matters of all kinds (recruitment, promotion, placement, compensation, dismissals, allowances, wages, holidays, rotational work, etc.)
  4. Out-of-court resolution of disputes between employer and employee in order to reach a direct and advantageous agreement for your business, always respecting the law.
  5. Representation and representation of your company before the competent bodies of the Labour Inspectorate and social security institutions
  6. Representation before all courts of the country for the representation of your company in labour disputes.